Open Source ERP Projects Activity Trends

One of the most important evaluation criteria for open source ERP is project activity. The Sourceforge graveyard is full of open source projects skeletons. When you measure a projects activity, the most important thing to measure is trends, or the rate of change in the parameters you measure.

In the last few days, I have been collecting data from the Sourceforge statistics RSS. The following graph displayes the number of downloads per day for the most popular open source ERP projects (this is still Beta so numbers might vary):

Please remember that the statistics were not checked thoroughly so actual numbera might vary!.


The data in the graph was gathered in the last few days. I think the absolute number of daily downloads is not really important. What important is the relative number of downloads and the daily trends. We can immediately see that Openbravo is the most downloaded software in past few days, followed by Postbooks. Compiere and its spin-off project, Adempiere, have almost identical popularity as far as downloads are concerned- around 200 downloads per day. 

The statistics analysis is still in development but I believe it will be a very important part of Open Source ERP Guru. I will add a separate page to this blog that will display daily open source ERP projects statistics – downloads, forum posts, website popularity,blog buzz and other important metrics. Collecting this information over time will provide valuable insight into the trends of the industry.

The activity trend page will be active within the next couple of days. 

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