Finance and Accounting Services

How do you provide more timely and accurate financial information while simultaneously reducing costs? HPTV delivers solutions for these and other finance and accounting challenges.

The need for finance to contribute more strategic value has never been greater—nor has it been more challenging.

Today, in their journey to achieving high performance, more companies are outsourcing core, yet non-strategic, transactional processes. HPTV enables companies to access more talented people and more sophisticated processes to achieve greater finance and accounting reporting and accountability while controlling costs.

Our proven expertise in BPO services and our network are now being leveraged for small & medium enterprises like yours. HPTV applies a value-driven approach—linking your business strategies to your transactional processes. In so doing, successful implementation of our BPO services leads to process optimization and ultimately, continuous value creation. HPTV Finance and Accounting BPO Services include:

   . Accounts Payable

   . Accounts Receivable

   . Revenue/Cash Accounting

   . General Accounting

   . Taxation

Further information, please contact us via email:


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