Payroll Services

HPTV understands that payroll is one of the most visible and important functions to employees. We provide a full service payroll solution to reduce processing costs while ensuring accuracy, timeliness, security and compliance. We make your payroll easier to run, and less costly, by providing a standard way to access and change payroll-related information. Working with HPTV clients can receive the following key benefits:

   . Reduced total cost while standardizing payroll processing.

   . Improved reporting capabilities.

   . Improved speed to bring new geographies or workforces on line.

   . Improved scalability to adjust to fluctuations in the size of your workforce.

   . Predictable results with reduced risk.

   . Management of merger & acquisition actions into your standard payroll process.

In support of your global payroll requirements, HPTV payroll services include the key facets of your end to end payroll needs including: Time and Attendance, Payroll Calculations, Deduction Management, Payroll Distribution and Post Payroll Activities. Our world-class integrated processes enable streamlined and consistent execution of your payroll:

Payroll Administration

We make payroll seamless. We manage the payroll process in an accurate and cost-efficient manner while maintaining multiple interfaces with third party organizations and agencies.

Build to Gross

We accept data from all applicable inputs such as employee self service, benefits, time and attendance and garnishments, and compile all the appropriate inputs to build to gross.

Gross to Net

We have world class tools and processes essential to support rules and regulatory standards specific to countries and clients while ensuring fast and cost-effective payroll calculation.

Travel and Expense

We accumulate, edit, audit, approve and process all expense and travel activity in accordance with your company policies and regulatory standards.

Payroll Distribution

We provide accurate, timely distribution, ensuring disbursement of all outputs from payroll to the appropriate destination in the formats requested and according to your company’s standards.

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