Recruitment Services

Many recruitment companies can help bring new hires in the door. The real value is in finding a recruiting partner that can help you keep your talent. We help you find and deploy the best talent for all skill levels, from entry level to executive, while helping you retain the people you need most anywhere that your company does business.

HPTV knows that an intelligent recruiting strategy goes well beyond filling vacancies. We employ end-to-end solutions to recruit and deploy staff with the requisite skills and attributes to meet client business needs. We support all types of hiring, including professional, hourly, executive, campus/graduate and contingent labor. This customizable solution consists of world class processes, technologies optimized for business process outsourcing, and deep expertise.

We deploy specialist “high-touch” recruitment skills to foster key relationships in the recruitment lifecycle, as well as a highly-skilled and experienced team that can efficiently support high volumes of recruitment administration.

A partnership with HPTV brings the following value:

   . Reduced total cost of recruitment.

   . Improved scalability to adjust to hiring volume changes.

   . Access to a global footprint of delivery capabilities.

   . Integration with comprehensive talent management capabilities, including learning, workforce performance and compensation.

In support of your talent management objectives, HPTV recruitment services enables all the types of workforces within your organization, such as Campus/Graduate, Hourly, Professional, Executive and Contingent through recruitment. Our end-to-end recruitment processes ensure seamless integration throughout the function:


Sourcing starts with a clear vision of your needs. We provide world class processes to help define your sourcing strategy and needs, then quickly find the right talent to fulfill them.

Screening & Selecting

Focused screening and selecting of candidates is essential to the recruiting process; we offer a full range of applicant screening and testing procedures. We deliver a predictable approach to workforce selection that will bring the right assets to your company now when you need them.


Let your HR and hiring managers focus on the strategic matters like hiring decisions. We provide the administrative and logistical backing to ensure a smooth and efficient hiring process.

On Boarding Orientation

It’s critical to integrate your new joiners into your company quickly and effectively. Our world class on boarding processes makes that happen by coordinating pre-start activities, creating and distributing welcome packages, organizing and managing orientations, managing benefits enrollment and managing new-hire training schedules.

Contractor & Contingent Management

We manage the entire contingent labor recruitment process, from determining the need for outside vendors, to tracking their performance and managing the contracts and billing.

Scheduling and Deployment

Getting the employee with the right skills in the right place to meet your requirements is vital to maintaining a high performance workforce. We help deploy your staff in the most effective manner, finding ways to match your scheduling and site deployment needs with the personal demands of an ever-evolving workforce.

Recruitment Administration

From managing travel issues to assisting with relocations and pre-employment checks, we ensure that the entire recruitment process runs smoothly and that candidates are kept informed throughout the process.

Recruitment Technology

We provide leading technologies coupled with world class processes leveraged to support your recruiting strategies.

Forther information, please contact us via email:

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