Reward Services

Keeping employees motivated and making them feel appreciated isn’t easy. The days of big stock option packages have passed, but the competition for the best talent continues. HPTV can help you implement and administer the right programs for your industry, workforce and budget—delivering high performance in a critical HR function.

HPTV provides a full range of compensation and benefits administration services combined with extensive self-service capabilities and customer contact services. We administer compensation and benefits programs using standardized processes and a common technology platform that automates many time-consuming procedures whilst ensuring data accuracy. Our online help tools and dedicated teams provide assistance to clients’ HR and line managers in making informed decisions, whether it’s regarding an employee’s reward incentives or absence due to long-term illness.

Our compensation and benefits solutions cover extensive areas, from program development, document management, process administration, technology maintenance, to annual and ad hoc reports and analyses. Through working with HPTV, our clients receive the following key benefits:

   . Accurate and timely updates to employee databases for any changes.

   . One-stop-shop for employees and managers.

   . Access to a wide range of compensation and benefits programs.

Our innovative programs have helped organizations drive workforce excellence and reduce cost. With HPTV, the administration lifecycle is shortened through our consistent and streamlined processes. The managers are kept informed on change and compliance issues as well as budgetary impacts. Most important of all, we provide services to organizations regardless of geographic diversity and address regional or local differences. Wherever the client operation is, our programs are always aligned with our clients’ business strategies and HR priorities.

Compensation Planning

Our compensation planning solution comprises two elements: survey data and market intelligence management. We assist clients in developing plans and programs suitable to their employees and organizations, based on rigorous benchmarking and analysis exercise. Our planning capability encompasses a wide range of areas, including training and communications, job analysis and documentation, salary modelling projections, merit budget analysis and recommendation, regulatory compliance, policy and programme effectiveness audits, etc. Our continuous survey and market analysis programs ensure the relevance and competitiveness of the program offering.

Compensation Administration

We provide annual and off-cycle administration to a variety of programs, including base pay and incentive plans, reward and recognition, equity awards, salary increase, and other ad hoc compensation administration support. We also provide management of clients’ software applications and customer contact services.

Benefits Administration

We offer administration services to a wide range of benefit programs, such as health and welfare, savings and retirement, flexible benefits, tuition reimbursement, and car allowance. Our Web-based technology reduces time to process and enables participants to make educated decisions. We help clients to plan globally and deploy locally—delivering effective and efficient benefits administration services across countries.

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